Businesses aren’t yet up-to-date on the importance of creating an online presence. Recently, Clutch conducted a research study that found that about 40% of businesses do not have a website.

More than half US businesses have stated SEO as their primary inbound marketing goal but without the assistance of an SEO consultant most fail to increase the search visibility of their websites due to their difficulty with building links.

Link building is among the three ranking factors that determine the credibility and authority of a site. While it’s a vital process of development, link building can be dangerous to your website if the improper strategy is used.

Search engines are able to accurately analyzing the content’s meaning and assigning contextual significance to hyperlinks when a website builds powerful contextual backlinks from authoritative websites with credibility in your particular field.

This means that more traffic comes from enhanced search visibility and more impressions for keywords-related queries.

To ensure that your website is receiving relevant links create a content strategy which includes different types of content well-known to create more backlinks.

How do you get high-quality backlinks?

Create Epic Content

To gain traction in the current competitive environment for search results you must take into account the factors that are most popular which give your site the authority and rank to draw visitors.

Backlinks and content are the two most important elements which you are in control over and can improve. They are the ones that will affect your website the most.

Create original, epic content that establishes your business as a top rival. Your website should be designed to maximize the number of leads and customers that content of high quality can bring.

While the number of words in an article isn’t an exact ranking factor however, there is a significant relationship between the position your website is in on. Articles that go deep into a topic is more likely to be more often shared on social media platforms and creates 77.2 percent more backlinks.

The kind of content that is performing the most effectively is generally long-form evergreen content that can be the information needed by customers and visitors.

The definition of content that is long-form is subjective between marketers. One could say that anything between 1000 to 1500 words will fit into this category.

When you consider the word count of the most popular pages, which ranges from 18,000 terms (Backlinko) and 2416 word (Impact) is likely that the word count is growing.

Tim Soulo published a 6000-word piece on the value of guest posts which covered all aspects of link-building with regard to its efficiency as a link builder. The article has produced 270 backlinks as of date, and is an essential article for anyone who is involved in guest blogging.

Create an online resource that covers all aspects to make it stand out from the crowd. Publishing a great piece of content that users are able to refer back to is a way to earn backlinks to the content you create. This type of content marketing has been in fashion for a long time and won’t be slowing down any time soon.

Make Infographics

Visual content has been shown that it is more successful at communicating messages and keeping information than text on its own. If a similar image is used along with instructions, the users are able to perform 300% better than the same text instruction without an image.

Infographics are a fantastic instrument to aid in B2B marketing and can be used as links-building assets. An infographic that is well-designed will yield 172 percent more backlinks than the typical article.

The trick to making use of infographics as backlinks is choosing an area that is trending, and preferably one that is evergreen in the natural world. If, for instance, you ran a liquor store or operated a bar you could think about an infographic detailing the ingredients for different types of drinks. Don Bull’s infographic is home to 539 links as of now (he also sells the infographic as a poster that I’m sure has generated some good sales).

The ability to sell infographics as part of campaigns for outreach makes them an appealing choice for building links. Venngage proved this when they managed to increase visitors by a whopping 400% in just 12 months. Through their outreach they enticed entrepreneurs on the concept of creating custom infographics based on existing blog articles.

It’s not a secret that a good design is essential to make successful campaigns. But details are crucial in delivering worth to viewers.

Conduct Interviews

Interviewing experts has proved to be a powerful type of content that can be used over time since even though opinions might shift with time, the actual event itself is able to be revisited.

Interviews give your website distinctive, high-quality content. They offer your visitors a wide range of blog posts that aren’t typical.

The link-building component of this is heightened because the interviewee promotes the interview themselves by supplying hyperlinks to their site and on social media, to promote the event to their own viewers.

Interviews can bring streams of traffic to your website that you wouldn’t normally see since the link grants access to the interviewee’s network.

Guest Posting

Writing articles for popular websites puts your company more exposure to a wider audience and can also result in landing certain quality links from authoritative websites. If executed properly Guest posting is the ideal link-building method to boost your website traffic and search ranking.

Adam Enfroy published the perfect example of a highly successful guest posting strategy. In just 15 days Enfroy was able to post his article to eight top-quality websites. The result of these articles alone resulted in 247 new backlinks as well as an increase of 347% in visitors for his site.

Guest posting is not just the possibility of linking to your articles that you’ve already published, but also to link to influencers, and provide acknowledgements to those who be willing to reciprocate.

Linking with influencers is an effective way to gain their attention and make them stand out from those seeking links or mentions. If you can connect to the website of an influencer more than three times on authoritative domains They will appreciate your efforts and be more likely to reciprocate the favor.

Develop relationships with those who are active in publishing articles and linking regularly to new content. This can be with authors, site owners and content writers. Everyone can benefit from an extra hand. when you’ve formed an partnership with someone who is willing to help and promote your work, you will get more links in a shorter period of time.

Invite Guest Authors to Write

There’s no substitute for high-quality content. By regularly publishing content it will boost your site’s credibility and increase your search engine visibility to increase visitors.

It also brings back the notion that when someone writes their article online, they tend to share the article through the sending of hyperlinks and sharing on social media.

The presence of great authors on your site will provide you with not just good content, but also with a greater number of users linking to your website to help promote your content.

Conducting Surveys

Surveys have been identified as one of the best results for creating backlinks. You can not only get an abundance of participation by people who complete the survey but, you could generate data that can be used to create fresh content using unique stats.

BuzzFeed is a great illustration of the efficacy of surveys as content that builds links. Its survey “What is the best city to reside within?” was published in 2014 and has resulted in 1061 backlinks so far.

Publishing Original Research and Statistics

The number of news articles that are published every day Many writers will use facts and statistics through linking to primary sources of information. Statistics that are published in original form can lead to huge amounts of backlinks when your findings are useful and linked-worthy.

Press releases are an outdated method of building links that Google has since reduced in value. In reality, the majority of press releases only offer you a link that is Nofollow. However, you can make use of a trusted channel like PRWeb to put your information before hundreds of reporters who can cover your story within a matter of minutes.

By kunjal